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Ensure that your PERM case is prepared correctly – and quickly!

Law Office of Thomas A Williams

Imagine if you could see each step of the process as your PERM application is prepared – and you were kept up-to-date step-by-step throughout the entire process!
… and imagine your satisfaction if you knew that your case was being personally handled by an experienced, licensed immigration attorney – not a secretary or assistant trained to fill out forms!

We know how important each client’s case is –

So we’ve developed major improvements in the way PERM cases are prepared – to offer our clients expedited recruitment and preparation of their PERM applications.  We have implemented leading edge technology to ensure that the proper wording is used throughout each case – from PERM through I-485/Adjustment.

Additionally, each of our clients is able to log in any time 24/7/365 and watch step-by-step as the attorney works on his case. We provide the only UI (User Interface) of its kind – with unique features for allowing our clients to see:

  • the dates each step of a case is started & completed and
  • the tracking/case numbers issued by the government.

Unlike with many other law firms, our clients are never kept in the dark as to the status of their cases.

To expedite the handling of our cases, we have incorporated such advanced features as:

  • automatic date calculators
  • automatic notifications
  • sophisticated templates & data merging to prepare proper wording for the recruitment ads and all of the forms

Using these, we are able to eliminate errors such as typo’s, we can speed up the preparation of the cases, and we can provide our clients with extraordinary, personal attention.

Imagine . . .

Wouldn’t you feel much more comfortable if at any time, day or night, you could go online and see what’s happening with your case . . .  and even see when your case is projected to be filed?

Wouldn’t you prefer knowing that you could contact your attorney with questions about your case – without being charged any additional legal fees?

We know that these are all very important, so we designed our own platform, integrating the most advanced technology for quickly and correctly processing our clients’ cases.

About our Principal Attorney – Thomas A Williams

Thomas WilliamsMr. Williams has practiced Employment-based (PERM, H-1B, L-1A, etc.) law for over 25 years.

He understands the issues confronted by start-ups and by small businesses. Unlike other attorneys who have never had the experience of establishing a start-up business for design, manufacture and sales, Mr. Williams filed multiple patents on a mechanical device (the Sampson Wrench).  He then successfully took the product from concept, to prototype, through production engineering and manufacturing, all the way to marketing on national TV – and sold tools to the U.S. Air Force.  Not only has he seen and handled issues small businesses and start-ups face, but he has gone farther – and developed an enterprise-level platform for bringing together a top-level team of immigration attorneys from across the nation.