• Human Resources Managers

What would your boss say to you if you were the cause of your company losing a valuable employee?

As you know, if your employee’s PERM application is not filed by a certain deadline and approved, not only will you lose your valuable worker, but he or she will have to return to his home country.

Do you know what words will cause a denial if included in the posted job ads? – and which ones will cause a denial if NOT included? The Dept. of Labor has stated that minor mistakes – even though innocent or minor – will result in a denial of the PERM. If an application is denied, the recruitment will have to have to be re-run and a new application filed – wasting money and many months’ lost time. time.

The simple solution is to make sure a PERM application is filed as soon as possible, and that it is approved – including the I-140.

Call to set up an appointment to discuss your company and employee’s situation. If we handle the case for you, we provide the proper guidance in drafting the wording for the recruitment and for the PERM application. We will explain the legal requirements to you and will patiently discuss the underlying concepts and issues so you will understand the process.