• OUR MISSION is to simplify your work permit application.

If you call us, here’s what we’ll do for you:

  1. Help Cut Your Costs
  2. Save Your Valuable Time
  3. Eliminate the Frustration of Placing and Tracking Each Step of the Process

From beginning to end, WE DO IT ALL for you!

  • We draft your ads
  • We place your ads
  • We place your job posting on your state’s employment commission website
  • We draft & handle your other recruitment steps
  • We collect the proof of advertising
  • We provide you the proper wording for internal Postings
  • We monitor each recruitment step for you
  • We collect all the data needed to prepare your PERM filing correctly
  • Basically, we hold your hand throughout the entire process, advising you step-by-step as we go in order to make sure your case is handled in the best way possible for an APPROVAL!

Our system – automatically calculates the critical dates – thus removing any chance for human error
Our system – shows you what the steps are that need to be taken to successfully get your case approved
Our system – if you optionally choose to track it – shows you what’s been done – and when it was done
Or, if you don’t want to track it,
Our system – displays informative icons so you can see at a glance that everything has been taken care of
You don’t have to worry about anything . . .
We take care of everything for you!!