• Small Business Owners and Start-ups

Can you afford to take valuable time away from your business to learn how to prepare a PERM application?
Our advanced technology makes it simple!

What would it cost your company if it lost that employee you found and has been working for you?

PERMcases.com’s system uses its own automated system that creates suggested wording for the recruitment ads, and displays the proper wording to be included in the application form itself. It even automatically calculates and shows you the 1st date a PERM Application may be filed so that the application process moves forward as quickly as possible – without error.

In addition, PERMcases.com is designed as a platform for a TEAM of immigration attorneys from across the U.S. – as a support resource. We each have over 10 years of experience getting PERM cases approved. We know the proper language to use to maximize your chances of approval.